More Information


I grabbed most of the basic facts on each cactus from Wikipedia - I'll update and suppliment as I come across other useful facts and/or discover things through my own experience. All pictures labeled with "Sample" were grabbed straight from a google image search - I'll replace them when I have pictures of my own, but since I mostly have seedlings right now, I just wanted to be able to see what the adults might look like one day.

Cactus/Succulent Seed Retailers

  • Sacred Seed - I like this place because I can go in person. I haven't ordered from them online, so can't speak to that.
  • Magic Cactus - a Toronto, Canada retailer named Frank (no paypal - prefers e-transfer)
  • Cactus Store - lots of varieties, as well as mixed packs which let you try out a bunch of different species
  • Seed World on Amazon - not recommended. I didn't get what I expected and the order took forever to show up. In the end, it wasn't even cheaper than a regular seed retailer, so save yourself the hassle.

Further Reading

I'm compiling a list of my favourite places to find cactus information.

  • - Tons of great info and pictures, as well as a member forum where you can share your pictures, ask questions, trade seeds, and get a sense of other people's experiences